DBS (formerly known as CRB)

Testimonial letters/telephone comments/emails from parents and children, 2002-2017:

 “Dear Danny, Graham got into all four schools!  We’ve decided on Highgate.  Thanks very much for all your support and guidance.”

 “Sam got into the very school we wanted and it was the accelerated stream too (JFS)!  Thanks so much for all your effort.  I am really pleased I sent him to you.”

 “Ella’s confidence has grown so much.  She recently moved into the top group in Maths.  You have made a big difference in her life!”

 “Richard got into Q.E. Boys.  You said he was borderline when we started so I put a lot of this down to you.  Thanks so much.  We have another little one who will be coming your way!”

"Your input has been invaluable.  He has grown so much under your tutelage."

"In his SATs, Joe got all level 5s. We are delighted, especially as he was below average before he started with you".